Fast, elegant, and efficient screen annotation for desktop presentations.

Supports Windows and Linux

(v3 will add MacOS support - Expected 2024)

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Draw technical diagrams

TekaPoint hosts a wide choice of complex figures designed for technical presentations. Whilst adding to content on a presentation side, or answering a question, these technical images make it easy to get your point across.

Printable help files:

Draw lines, rectangles, and other shapes

By simply holding down keys on the keyboard while clicking and dragging with the mouse, you can highlight screen content. Holding SHIFT will draw a line, CTRL will draw a rectangle, TAB will draw an ellipse, and right clicking while dragging will draw an arrow.

Change the pen size and color

Pressing the number keys from 1 to 9 will change the drawing pen size. Using a combination of the color keys (B, C, G, M, N, O, P, R, W, Y) and optionally CTRL or SHIFT will produce up to 30 different pen colors.

Type text directly onto the screen

Pressing T will change TekaPoint into Text Mode. Type any text and it will appear on the screen.

  • Use the mouse left click to place the text.
  • Use the mouse wheel to change the size of the font.
  • Exit Text Mode using ESC.

Draw freely on the desktop

If the other features of TekaPoint don't quite get the point across, you can free draw using the left mouse button. Don't forget to change the pen size and color. Zooming with the mouse wheel comes in handy also.

Other Features

  • Set the background to white, black, static desktop, or live desktop
  • Save drawings and move back through previous drawings
  • Delete individual drawn artifacts
  • Display a countdown timer
  • And more...

See the documentation for more details.